About Jimmy J’s

Jimmy J’s Avian Rescue Center is a 501 (c) 3 non profit Incorporation.


To promote responsible exotic bird ownership through education and  community outreach with a goal toward providing a safe haven for abused, abandoned, and surrendered birds through foster and permanent placement. With a secondary goal of bringing attention to the shrinking and endangered populations of these same exotic birds in their natural habitats.


Jennifer, CEO,  Jimmy J’s Avian Rescue Center, Inc.


 I have an AAS in Radiography from BCC and a BA in Elementary Education from Western Governors University. I am a retired substitute teacher from Union Endicott schools (2007-2012.)

April, CEO, Jimmy J’s Avian Rescue Center, Inc.


I have my AAS in Paralegal Studies from Herkimer County Community College and a BA in Legal Studies from State University at Canton.

We have been apprentices for Diane Beck of Love My Parrots Sanctuary in Central Square, NY; learning to rescue, care for and place exotic birds in need.

April and Jen have adopted feathered friends and have trained them to enter schools, churches, nursing homes and community events like Spediefest and Julyfest to act as ambassadors in our community. We can push in on habitat curricula and speak to the disappearing habitats and endangered species, ornithology of tropical birds, responsible pet ownership etc. I have also found that children on the autistic spectrum of disorders respond well with the larger birds. They are able to slow their movements down and make eye contact with these animals for sustained focus. We can cater a program to lesson plans and work with small groups or multiple classes. Time permitting we have birds that enjoy sitting on children and getting their picture taken!

What we do in the community

We can customize a lesson plan geared toward;

1. Environmental Conservation
2. Habitats
3. Endangered Species
4. Ornithology/husbandry/biology etc.
5. Responsible pet ownership Adopt DON’T Shop
6. Community Service/Volunteerism/How can you help your local shelter
7. PowerPoint presentation

Activities can include:

1. posing for pics with a select group of birds (will require a parental release to use image on promotional materials)
2. a craft project creating bird toys to donate to the shelter
3. coloring pages and informational handouts

Requests for specific activities can be made, if we have enough lead time I can probably develop a lesson plan for it. We can do small groups or multiple classes. Keep in mind the smaller the group the more hands on activities we can do. Bigger groups can get loud so the birds won’t be handled as much by the kids. You can give the school our e-mail address to contact us at jimmyjsarc@gmail.com