Global Rescue Effort

fb_img_1463264466384.jpgWe have had a very interesting weekend at Jimmy Js! A very good friend who lives in Florida and owns a beautiful Catalina Macaw Emotional Support Animal named Yoshi. Peggy had to go to California for surgery and as always Yoshi went with her. Yoshi was to stay with a friend while Peggy was in Ambulatory Surgery. However, before Peggy even went into the OR, Yoshi had escaped from her sitter and was chased away over Costa Mesa by a gang of crows. Immediately the call to action went out on Face Book and friends from all over the world mobilized to find Yoshi and bring her back safely. Needless to say, in pain and recovering from her surgery, Peggy was frantic with worry and being a stranger to the area didn’t know where to start in her search efforts. Jimmy Js (Jennifer and April) sat down and got to work! We made Craigslist posts on the Orange County Craigslist, called the local animal control office, police, animal shelters and hospitals giving Yoshi’s picture by e mail. April contacted over 35 Avian rescues in the vicinity and they in turn posted on their pages. Yoshi was sighted before night fall, but couldn’t come down from the tree she was in. After a sleepless night in which Peggy was taken by ambulance back to the ER, morning came and Yoshi was spotted in The Upper Newport Harbor Preserve; once again treed by harassing crows. Exhausted and dehydrated Peggy tried to coax her to the ground. Meanwhile, we contacted Purple Crane Service in Costa Mesa for a Bucket truck. They were ready and eager to help and were put in contact with Peggy. Within the hour Yoshi and Peggy were reunited! We love happy endings and are thrilled and honored to have been able to help bring Yoshi back to her mother. It never ceases to amaze me, the power of the Face Book community to mobilize people to action!

Jimmy Js would like to acknowledge and thank:
Costa Mesa Animal Control Office
Costa Mesa Municipal Police Department
Costa Mesa Animal Rescue
Costa Mesa Animal Hospital
Newport Mesa Animal Hospital
All Creatures Care Cottage
Newport Harbor Animal Hospital
Mesa West Animal Hospital
Dover Shores Pet Care Center
Orange County Humane Society
Purple Crane Services
Over 35 local Avian Rescues and clubs

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