Anatomy of a Saint

What makes a saint? In this hard edged, jaded world we occupy; would you recognize one? Close your eyes and conjure up an image of what he/she would look like. What would they sound like, smell like? Like most, you probably envision a clean cut, glowing, soft spoken, angelic apperition. Someone so humble and free of the weight of this plane that their steps hover just above the ground. Everyone knows saints don’t curse, have tattoos or piercings, right?
I want to introduce you to a true saint; although I am sure he would cringe at the idea. Slight in stature and unassuming in nature; this saint rolls with the sinners. He is at home with people who play in bands named, Recycled Zombies, Dirty Martini, and Wreckless Marcy to name just a few. This man works tireless all year long arranging and promoting concerts that solely benefits local animal shelters. He prints raffle tickets, collects prizes from his many connections in the music world; this year included a Bret Michaels autographed guitar, books the bands, finds the venue, prints shirts and goes on local media to promote the events. These events are know throughout Broome County as Shelter Slam and the saint of whom I speak is John Dalola. And in case you need anymore proof of his kind hearted nature, ALL proceeds go to the sponsored shelters! I can tell you Jimmy Js Avian Rescue Center would not be able to operate without John’s efforts. For that we are eternally grateful. So the next time your path crosses that of a grizzled, leather clad, sunglasses at night, tattooed, slightly devilish looking man; reserve judgement. He probably has done more to help the helpless then any churched saint.  Bless you brother!


                John Dalola

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